B&R Moll, Leading Manufacturer of Folder Gluers and Specialized Finishing Equipment, Launches a New LP Record Album Folding System in Warminster, PA

Warminster, PA, February 25, 2022: Recently, the leading manufacturer of folder glues and specialized finishing equipment, B&R Moll, launched a new LP Record Album Folding Machine. This machine is 30 inches by 30 inches in size and can handle lightweight inner sleeves – heavy weight sleeves up to 28pt.

Moreover, the change over time is low, allowing the equipment to tackle various tasks. The machine can be set up to produce various finished pieces, CD/record sleeves, gatefold albums, digipacks, three-sided capacity LPs, and single capacity spine flat side LPs.

The new LP Record Album Folding Machine boasts a stainless steel backplate and a buckle fold plate with removable ribs to eliminate static build-up and marking. In addition, the tipper fold plate with a anti-marketing rollers allows for heavier stocks to be folded. All-belt drive construction can accommodate stocks up to 28pt+.

The LP Record Album Folding Machine also features a cold glue and hot glue system for the safe and cost-effective application of adhesives to cover sheets. Moreover, the dual pump system ensures optimum power delivery. The new machine also has an option to bump-n-turn a sheet, in addition to a vacuum belt system. Moll’s new servo driven capacity forming attachment and an independent upper drive capacity system are two other impressive features in the Moll LP Record Album Folding machine. Kevin Moll, the Vice President of Sales at B&R Moll, says, “the maximum linear speed of the LP Record Album Folding System is 425ft/min, and the adequate paper weight is 70lb offset semi-gloss to 28pt Stocks.” It is a smooth and quiet machine compared to other album folding machines. With the record album industry growing at a rapid pace, this is a machine that will grow with your needs. Overall, the Moll LP Record Album Folding Machine is a fine addition to the diverse product line-up of B&R Moll. The firm is giving tough competition to other players in the market. Let’s see what the future holds for the brand and how the competitors respond to the new product of B&R Moll.

B&R Moll is the leading manufacturer of folder glues, specialized finishing equipment, and digital rotary die cutters. The company produces low-cost machinery with reduced set-up time and eliminate downtime from the folding and gluing process. Quality machines produced by the brand have allowed it to serve customers for 50 years. The goal is to keep clients satisfied with every purchase they make.
All equipment is 100% made in the USA.

For more information, visit www.mollbrothers.com.
If you have any inquiries, you can call 866.438.4583.

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