Factory Certified Reconditioned Equipment

Sometimes purchasing new equipment isn’t always possible. Growing and expanding offerings of printers often leads to the need of more equipment but feel the pressure of a tight budget.

At Moll we’ve built our reputation and business around perfection and stability. Our manufacturing expertise and unmatched service is the infrastructure for your certified equipment process. All the equipment and electrics goes through vigorous testing before it is sold into the marketplace.

Moll Certified Reconditioned Machines

Molls Certification Process

Inspection and Testing– The first thing we do before rebuilding equipment is inspect everything from top to bottom. We check the motors, rollers, electrics, and more. Determined what needs to be replaced or upgraded to newer technology.

Rebuilding – After inspection, rebuild begins. Machines are torn down to their frames and rebuilt from the ground up. Broken and damaged components are repaired or replaced. At times we upgrade some components to newer technology.

Operational Testing – After inspection and renewal service, all equipment undergoes operational testing to confirm the equipment is production ready.

Warranty – All Moll Factory Certified equipment comes with a 6-month warranty on workmanship.

Machine Rebuild and Loaner Program

We have been building machines for 40+ years and are fortunate enough to have tens of thousands of machines out in the world. We understand that sometimes customers budgets don’t require a new or recontinued machine/system. We now offer is the ability to send your machine(s) into our facility to be rebuilt by our Moll Factory Employees. We understand that your business can not be down for weeks, so we will now send you a loaner machine(s) until yours is complete. This will give you the ability to keep your business going while having your machine rebuilt at the same time.