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TTC-100 Portable Counter

The high-speed TTC-100 can be used on printing presses, folding machines, stitchers, collators, mailing machines and wherever accurate counting is essential. Self contained. No power source required.

TTC-300 Portable Counter

A high speed DC counter with speed display, the TTC-300 can be used on any machine for accurate counting. It has the added feature of knowing how many counts the machine is netting per hour.


  • Counts short folds less than 1″
  • Large 6-digit display-can be seen across the room
  • Counts over 100,000 per hour
  • Built-in memory with reset feature
  • No power cords
  • Magnetic sheet spacer

Moll TC-2002 Counter

The TC-2002, with the push of a button, will provide you with piece count, production rate (sheet per hour), and actual running time. The large (1 inch) LED display will provide clear reading. A gain control will precisely set the sensitivity of the detector for proper operation under any lighting condition.

Moll BC-2006 Batch Counter

Our BC-1001 Batch Counter, with its simple controls, can be used to batch material detected by the infra-red detector and batch marking system. Because of its capabilities, it can be expanded for other application requirements in printing, bindery and mailing rooms.


  • Magnetic sheet sensor
  • Adjustable gain control
  • Eight (8) large LED digits
  • Batch pre-set from 1 to 9,999
  • Instant average speed per hour
  • AC and DC signal output
  • Memory back-up