“Die press quality scoring, perforating and folding in one fast operation, on your folding machine”

Some folding machines can score with limited quality and some can’t. Moll’s Perf-N-Crease, with the help of your Moll machine or paper folder to feed it, can produce the high quality of a die press score. This mobile unit can roll up to, and adjust to most makes, models, or sizes of folding machines – parallel or 8 page section, before or after the fold.

How it works

The Perf-N-Crease has a register that reaches into the folder. All you do is raise the #1 and #3 fold plates, letting the sheet deliver into the Perf-N-Crease from the #1 fold roller, without going through all the fold rollers and deflectors. Then you can deliver the sheets flat onto the stacker or onto the 8-page section to finish folding. The Perf-N-Crease can also be adjusted down to the slitter shafts to accept folded sheets from the folder.


  • 30” or 36” wide format
  • Dual shaft system so you can hit the same crease – hit the crease in the first shaft and then harder in the second shaft to gradually crease digitally printed stocks
  • Dual register – keeps sheet in side guide on long narrow sheets
  • Can run in line with Moll machines or any brand of paper folders


MaterialCover Stock Paper, Heavy BoardCover Stock Paper, Heavy Board
Paper weight70lb Cover to 28pt Stocks140–500 g/m²
Minimum product size (WxL)5.5 x 5.5 inches”139 x 139 mm
Maximum product size (WxL)30 x 30 or 36 x 36 inches720 x 720 or 920 x 920 mm
Maximum linear speed425ft/min130m/min
Power connection220V, 3PH, 30AMP, 60 HZ400V, 3PH, 30AMP, 50 HZ
Compressed air connection90 PSI.7 mPa