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Hot/Cold Glue Systems

Moll’s Glu-Bind Hot Melt Glue System

Moll’s Glu-Bind Hot Melt System will provide the precise application of high temperature adhesives when cold glue will not penetrate the material. The low temperature pre-melting stage will void the need of draining the adhesive due to charred material. There are separate temperature controls for the holding tank, the transfer hose and applicator (head). The positive gear driven pump with variable speed control will provide an even flow of the desired volume without the contamination of outside material.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Separate temperature controls
  • Up to 4 lines or applicators
  • Gear driven pump
  • LED read out of temperatures
  • Variable speed pump
  • Standby mode

Mini Series Hot Melt System


  • Digital set-point and actual temperature indicator takes the guess work out of correct temperature monitoring and control
  • Melt-On-Demand hopper grid virtually eliminates adhesives charring
  • Independent temperature control of the hopper hoses and applicators to permit the precise metering of adhesive