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Our Tape Application Machine offers simple solutions for applying finger lift or double-sided tape to a wide range of finished products. The Tape Dispensers can be purchased as an add-on unit for existing machinery such as folding machines or mailing systems. Alternatively a complete off-line system is available with an integral feeder and conveyor table which allows fast simple production of an infinite range of work.

Moll’s Hand Glue Applicators

The Hand Applicator is easy and light to use, cost effective, and refillable. Nozzles are self-sealing and available in three different line widths.

The Bench Applicator is ideal for specialty gluing jobs that require hand work or  any glue job that that needs repairing. Gravity-fed, easy to operate and clean, self sealing nozzles with interchangeable nozzle sizes, two quart capacity easy refillable bottle.