Versafold Jr.

Through Moll’s module design, you move units in and out, allowing for quicker and easier setups. The Moll Versafold JR. allows for a wide variety of layouts to be performed on this unit. This unit is based off our Versafold, but is a 36” (920mm) shorter, ideal for tight spaces.  The optional Tipper Fold Plate creates another feature not found on any unit of its type. Gluing, forming pockets, turning paper direction, and final folding are just a few of the many tasks given to this high speed, versatile unit. Also, this unique plow fold table is capable of being used behind your legacy paper folder systems to add more solutions. By running in line with you legacy folders we are able to running in landscape versus portrait and double the output. By adding a hot melt system you are able to fugitive glue mailers closed versus tabbing.


  • Module design to mix and match
  • Belt drive
  • Vacuum infeed belts
  • Etched railing for quick change overs
  • Ability to bump-n-turn a sheet
  • Capable of running independent


MaterialCover Stock Paper, Heavy BoardCover Stock Paper, Heavy Board
Paper weight60lb Cover to 28pt Stocks60lb Cover to 28pt Stocks125–500 g/m²
Minimum product size (WxL)2 x 4 inches50 x 102 mm
Maximum product size (WxL)26×20“ or 33×20” or 40×20762x508mm or 914x508mm or 1016×508 mm
Maximum linear speed425ft/min130m/min
Power connection220V, 3PH, 60AMP, 60 HZ400V, 3PH, 60AMP, 50 HZ
Compressed air connection90 PSI.7 mPa

Industries/Consumers served

Food, beverage, cosmetic, POP, pharmaceutical, sports packaging, consumer packaging, home and office packaging, industrial packaging, commercial print, mailing, sample packets, and more!


  • Double Sided Tape Head
  • Tear Tape Applicator
  • Dual Stream
  • Pre-break kit
  • Trombone delivery attachment
  • Room key card kit
  • Vacuum System
  • Versafold
  • Bolt on register
  • Drop in registration
  • Tip on machine
  • Moll Perf-N-Crease unit
  • Cold Glue System
  • Hot Glue System
  • Ink Jet Equipment
  • Capacity Forming Attachment

Machine Layout